I’m not sure if every thing I do is just unnecessarily difficult or if I somehow make it that way.. Countless times I’ve heard people say, ‘I’ve been doing this for [insert a great number of years] and I’ve never seen/heard this happen.’ My mom always asks why things are always more complicated when I … More Visas..ugh..

Fam Visits, part 2.

I love my parents. I might be blessed with the best fam on earth. Probably biased..but they are ridiculously great!! I tell people how we get together (voluntarily!!) to celebrate not only every person’s birthday in my whole extended fam, but also on a lot of random friday nights, or Sunday afternoons. We camp together, … More Fam Visits, part 2.

Expat Life

Being an expat is weird. For multiple reasons. You’re kind of straddling 2 worlds. 🌎 Home and back home. 🏠 You end up talking a lot of back home to people in your new home and to people back home you spend most of the time talking about your new home. Everyone thinks you have … More Expat Life

Travel Brain.

So I’m sure I’m not the only one (and I am actually sure, cos I’ve confirmed with others 🙃) who loses their mind a little bit when they’re travelling and have no idea what they’re doing. Doing something, or going somewhere for the first time can really be a bit terrifying. 😱 Especially if it … More Travel Brain.

Back home, then back home (which one’s home?), then London, then Portugal…phew..

Back to Canada!! So good to go home. So good to see my fam. And to see friends. I didn’t realize how much I needed a visit. There are certain things in life that really help you to recharge 🔋 and spending time with the ones that love you ❤️ and the ones you love … More Back home, then back home (which one’s home?), then London, then Portugal…phew..