New Home/Old Home

Everything here is gorgeous. I think Aberdeen is much like Winnipeg, as in it’s quite self-depreciating. It doesnt seem like anyone really appreciates it’s beauty 🌹 or what it has to offer. And I can see how that happens, friends in Fernie don’t see the mountains πŸ” Β as those from the prairies can appreciate them, … More New Home/Old Home

Brig O’ Balgownie, Seaton, Donmouth and (almost) Fittie

Pub life is life here. 🍻🍻 It’s not just about the pints (I said not JUST about the pints, of course it’s partly about the pints 🍺), but it’s also about community.Β  Pub life is the culture here. It’s where peopleΒ meet, it’s where friendships are made. It’s where I’ve made mine (my whole 3 friends..and … More Brig O’ Balgownie, Seaton, Donmouth and (almost) Fittie

Fit Like??

So week 2. Or is it tends to blur together.. Things are looking up. As predicted.Β  I’m making friends. Who has made friends in a new place as an adult?? It’s ridiculous.Β There’s something to be said for childhood friends. You’ve grown with them. You don’t have to go out, out of your comfort zone … More Fit Like??