Top 10 Questions Scots ask the Canadian

In no particular order….

1. “Are you American?” 🇺🇸 Not sure why, if I sound American or there just isn’t many Canadian’s that are here (I’ve not met any that live here), but it rarely if ever happens that I am asked if I’m Canadian. Also, fun fact: whenever Scot’s try to imitate my accent they sound American. Another fun fact: whenever I try to sound Scottish I come off English or Irish..kinda..haha 😂, not sure why but I think it’s just harder for Canadian’s to pull off the Scottish accent. Or maybe it’s just hard for me (I’ll only do it after a couple drinks 🍻 and even then I’m pretty embarrassed, mad skills over here 💁🏽😂).

2. “Do you have bears?” 🐻 I’m not sure what the fascination is, or if it’s because they have so little wildlife here (and no bears at all), but I did have one person here tell me how they saw a fox 🦊 once in their garden. Yeah, I know, they’re everywhere back home. I actually happen to have a black bear pic on my phone and people lose their minds when they see it. The Journey to Churchill exhibit would make people here wet their pants, I imagine. Haha. Or one in the wild, they’d go crazy!! But really, bears are pretty freaking cool..

3. “You say ‘aboot’.” 👢 Yes, I know it isn’t really a question but sooo many people say this when I say I’m Canadian. Crazy thing is, I say ‘about’ and Scot’s actually say ‘aboot’ quite regularly. I totally win this round. 🥊

4. ‘Are you from Toronto?” This could also be replaced with Vancouver. These are pretty much the only cities that most people here know. And when you tell them that Toronto is a 22 hour drive 🚙 east and Vancity is a 26???? 28?? hour drive 🚗 west, they stare at you open-mouthed. Here that would take you to the middle of Europe or into the middle of the ocean 😜. People don’t even do 3 or 4 hour drives here on the regular. We do longer than that just to get to Regina (no hate for Regina..but ya know..Regina). But to be fair, I had no idea Aberdeen existed a year ago (I know, gasp 😂).

5. “Have you been to Nova Scotia?” This means New Scotland, everyone here has told me, so it must be true 😆. Pretty much the only other Canadian place anyone has heard of here. Halifax is well known. And it is true that we have a ridiculous number of places named after British places/people in Canada. Check out the Banff Springs Hotel in Scotland verses ours back in Canada, one of the only places we’d win in the ‘Our Building’s are Nicer than Yours’ competition. You know, if that competition exsisted 😂.

6. “You’re Canadian, you have maple syrup!!” 🍁 Again not really a question, but you’d swear it’s the only thing we export. It’s funny, in all the grocery shops maple syrup is labeled as “Canadian Maple Syrup” so this could be a big part of that. Also it’s stereotypically “Canadian” and usually one the things people associate with Canada. Maple leaves, maple syrup. And lots of people get their Canadian knowledge from South Park’s Canadian stereotyples. Which brings me to..

7. “Do you love South Park?” And the truth is I don’t. I’ve seen it, but couldn’t tell you who any of the characters are and have no clue about any of the jokes. So every time someone asks this, I always feel like a huge letdown 👎😭. Haha. Sorry, folks!! Probably like most stereotypes, most of the jokes come from some kind of truth though.. 

8. “Do you know any aboriginals?” I was actually surprised on how much I’ve been asked this question here, or some variation of it. People are very curious about the aboriginal history. I think this is a really positive thing, very cool. 🙌

9. “So, are you full Canadian?” I love this, because people here are often full Scottish. Or at least British. 🇬🇧 At least as far back as they know. The idea of having a mixed heritage is pretty foreign to them. When I explain that my background is German 🇩🇪, Ukrainian 🇺🇦, and Spanish 🇪🇸 most people are shocked that I come from 3 different cultures. And for Canadian’s 🇨🇦 that’s pretty standard. At least 3. As well, I think the fact that so many people that are non-native live in Canada harmoniously (for the most part..) is a weird concept for most people here. I think as Canadian’s we take for granted how multicultural we really are, how we share space with people from so many different backgrounds. Which is actually super cool, in my opinion. Go us!! 👏

10. “Canadian, EH?!” 🇨🇦 🍁 Best for last. Of course everyone asks about Canadian’s use of ‘eh’. They also think we use it waaay more than we actually do. Whenever I do use it though, people notice right away. I’ve actually heard people here use it sometimes, funny enough. Aberdonians also sometime use ‘like’ where we might use ‘eh.’ For example, “It’s hot, eh?” would be, “It’s hot, like.” Something like that. A lot of people here also use, ‘you know what I mean?’ at the end of the sentences we would add an ‘eh’ to, which I’ve started doing all the time too. Slowly turning Scottish. Kinda (I wish 🤞. haha).

So I’m pretty sure those are the most common ‘Canadian’ things I’m asked here. Not sure if it’s just my experience or if these are across the board. Pretty funny either way though!! Hope you enjoyed!! 👍



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