Spain. Sigh. Spain. Just Spain.

Spain. 😍 Sigh. Spain. Just Spain. 😍

What a freaking beautiful place. Going to Barcelona just solidified the idea that I need to spend more time in Spain, stat. Beautiful buildings, beautiful scenery, beautiful sights, beautiful people!!!! Just all freaking beautiful. Rdiculous. Can I just come here every week or something?? K?!?!

Like my pal, Dave said, “Barcelona, put simply, is an amazing place to get lost, eat great food and drink amazing cocktails.” 🍸🍹 Sums it up 100%. And that’s kinda my idea of a good time. Eating and drinking are 2 of my favourite things. 🍴🍻 Aimless wandering ranks pretty high up there too. 🚶🏽‍♀️Our entire week consisted of wandering the streets, stopping for amazing tapas (drool..definitely gained at least 5lbs!! 🤤) and delicious drinks (Mojitos!! Sangria!! Red wine!! Cervesas!!). We managed to cross off a whole whack of tourist destinations, half of them by just stumbling across them (sometimes at midnight on the way for cocktails (“Oh, look!! Casa Batllo Gaudi!!” haha – in complete seriousness, this actually happened. haha).

late g

We walked up La Ramble (and got off it after 20 steps, SO MANY PEOPLE!!!! I hate tourists!! Awful!!), then wandered through a zillion tiny alleyways and streets that looked like they were just out of the movies. 5 or 6 or 7 stories of balconies with clothes drying in the wind. 👚👖👗 So rad. That first day was my favourite. 💖 Raval neighbourhood was so cool and hip and fun (can I say hip without sounding really unhip??). The day was sunny ☀️ and gorgeous (and after living in Scotland the last couple months, this is huge!! haha). I pity those people who travel and stay on the strict tourist path, my fav spots where the ones we stumbled across, usually always are. Wandering through Raval we passed MACBA and the skateboarders and protesters and cool kids hanging there, and then we lounged away the afternoon drinking cervasas and eating tapas in a square filled with sunshine, a public water fountain ⛲️ and more fashionable people 💁🏽 than I could’ve conjured in my head. We had siesta 💤 and drank 🍷 on our gorgeous patio in a gigantic courtyard till wee hours of the morning..sigh..just ideal..perfect day.

The next day we checked off the Sangia Familia 🏗 and the Park Guell (the Gaudi park). I think the highlight wasn’t the destinations but the super rad 16-piece jazz band 🎷🎺 crushing beers and playing tunes 🎶 at the very top of the park. Nothing like great views of the city (and sea!!) while listening to a bunch of rad musicians playing good music, and having a blast at the same time. No seriousness here, all fun. But stupid talented!! After more tapas and cervesas at another little square we had siesta and pulled ourselves together for Dry Martini 🍸, maybe one of the best traditional cocktail bars of all time. Heavily varnished wood bar spanning the room, comfy chairs, old waiters in white jackets..just a really cool old school cocktail bar.  One of several amazing places we drank cocktails (but our definite favourite – missing those mojitos like mad!!)

We managed to check off several other beautiful buildings and tourist checkmarks ✔️, mostly by accident, through our wanderings (averaging 20,000 steps a day will do that to you..thanks Phoebe and your fitbit – if only we didn’t have all of the cheese, and bread, and tapas, and beer..we’d all be svelte!! haha). We saw the Cathedral de Barcelona (stunning), the Palau de la Musica Catalana (also stunning), the Museu Picasso (he’s really good!! haha), the marina (we ate at a restaurant near here, where the waiter brought the fish 🐟 D & P ordered to the table, whole and raw, before he prepared it!! Can you say fresh?!), the Arc de Triumph, the magic fountains, Bacarado Market and the Cemetri de Montjuic. The architecture of the buildings was amazing, even if I’ve decided Gaudi isn’t really my thing. The cathedral was one of the nicest I’ve been in, the Picasso Museum helped me really appreciate his talent 🖼 (not just squiggles, this guy was actually ridiculously talented), and the market was not only visually stimulating (colours upon colours, people upon people, fish, seafood, fruits, paellas…) but had some stupid good food. Win, win, win.

We did manage to get outside the city for one day and get some beautiful sun at the Monastery de Montserrat. It’s a tourist village with a monastery ⛪️ (it has been a monastery far longer then a tourist village, so I guess technically it’s monastery with a tourist village, but whatever, you know what I mean..) but it is at the top of a ridiculously large hill ⛰ (mountain??) with stunning views. We took the cable car up (note: these make me motion I!! 🤢), and were able to hear an amazing boys choir sing in the cathedral. Seeing the choir instead of just hearing it would’ve been the tough many people with so many phones (and ipads, why?!?!? Buy a camera!! Or better yet, don’t, and just watch. But I digress). Guaranteed half the people reading this, that know me, are thinking about my obsessive phone use..yes, I agree it’s excessive, but this was next level shit. Made it through though and soothed our woes by enjoying more sunshine ☀️ and beverages 🍷 while staring out to gorgeous views. Life ain’t bad. Really isn’t.


Our last day we tried to replicate our first. You know you’ve had an amazing time when you just want to recreate it over and over..thanks Barcelona for showing us a good time, and thanks Dave and Phoebe for going down the Barcelona rabbit hole with us. Now to plan our NEXT adventure…






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