New Home/Old Home

Everything here is gorgeous. I think Aberdeen is much like Winnipeg, as in it’s quite self-depreciating. It doesnt seem like anyone really appreciates it’s beauty 🌹 or what it has to offer. And I can see how that happens, friends in Fernie don’t see the mountains 🏔  as those from the prairies can appreciate them, and Aberdonians don’t see all of thier grey granite buildings 🏬⛪️🏢🏥  as gorgeous, gothic structures, like us expats do. I’ve noticed even in the 10 weeks (10 weeks!!!!! 📅  Can’t believe it’s been that long!!) I’ve been here they don’t seem as formidable and daunting as they were when I first arrived. They start to blend in. And even the stunning seascapes and landscapes..I don’t think people really see them here anymore, which is a shame, cos they’re truly stunning. ✨

Funny how it’s happened, to have my old home and new have similar attitudes about themselves.  Winnipeggers are hard on their city. Our theme song even has the words “I hate Winnipeg” in the chorus. But I love it. Always something to do, great music🎶, great food, great festivals, great people..(don’t mind me, just making myself homesick over here, aww 😢). But Aberdeen is much the same. It might not have the polish and crazy excitement of a bigger city (it has just over 200,000 people) but it has a beautiful city centre, heaps of good restaurants 🍴 (been to a couple Michelin-plated spots already!! Yum!!), loads of cute local shops, an active arts and music scene and ridiculously friendly people👬👫👭.  Aberdonians often ask if I like it here, and are surprised when I respond yes, but I really do like it, and think that people here aren’t giving their home enough credit!! 🏡

Showing off my new home seems like kind of my full time job (besides blogging 🖋..and training 💪 ..and pubbing 🍻, but I digress). My pal Tanya came to check it out, so we did an little overview of the town and Scotland as a whole. We started by going up north to check out a couple whiskey distilleries.  I hate whiskey, but you know, when in Rome and all. Can’t live in Scotland and not try Scotch, right?! We visited Royal Lochnagar, a wee outfit beside Balmoral Castle 🏰, tried and failed to get into the busy Glenfiddich, and explored the STUNNING gardens 🌱 and got the tour from Glen Grant.  I’m pretty sure there’s as many distilleries as people here. And the ‘Whiskey Trail,’ where most are located is only about 45mins away from Aberdeen. Convenient. Probably for the best I’m not a whiskey lover. 🙅🏽

We then took the train to Edinburgh, stayed a night, checked out the Royal Mile and Cowgate 🐄  district, then kept right on to Glasgow the next morning.  Glasgow and I are on much better terms now. We’ve made up. I feel like we don’t know each other quite well enough yet, but I can see potential..might just love this city yet!! 💖 We saw St. George Square (there is a statue there with a pylon on it’s head, I’ve since learnt, this was a prank that kept happening, so now it’s just left there!! Ridiculous!! Love it!!), checked out a bunch of the incredible street art 🖼 in the city, made our way to Glasgow Cathedral and the gorgeous Necropolis (huuuuuuge old cemetery with views over the whole city..), oh, and had a couple pints 🍻, you know, because it’s Scotland. There’s actually a local craft brewer from Aberdeen called Brewdog, 🐶 that’s slowly taking over the world 🌎, and it’s good beer 🍺, and a feel-good story about a couple of local guys 👬 making it against the corporate machine. We made sure to not only see the 2 Aberdeen pub locations, but both of the Brewdog Pubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Support local!!


Back in Aberdeen, I gave the tour of city centre, checked all the boxes ✔️✔️: Castlegate, Marischal College, St. Nicholas Church and Cemetery, Union St, Belmont St, His Majesty’s Theatre, the statue of William Wallace, the harbour, the shops.. Then I pulled in the troops to help: a night out at my local with the regulars, a dinner in and a walk through Victoria Park with one pal, and a visit to Aberdeen Beach, Fittie, Torry (to see the lighthouse and battery) and to see the dolphins(🐬🐬🐬🐬!!!!) with another. I also lucked out and got to tourist myself a bit. We made it to Duthie Park (my first time there!!) and took a stroll through the David Welsh Winter Gardens. 🌵🌲🌳🌴☘🌿🌱🍀🍃🌾🌼. Freaking beautiful. Its a gorgeous conservatory that keeps going on and on and on..tropical room, Japanese garden room, cactus room, tepid room, carnivorous plant room..pretty much every type of flower and plant you can think of. Just gorgeous. Seriously stunning!!

Now to get back to routine, and prep for the next adventure..Spain here we come!! 💃  Eeeeee!!!!!!



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