Fittie, Torry, Edinburgh & England

It’s a weird thing this moving away, at the same time you’re excited about and enjoying your new surroundings, you’re hating the fact that you’re not home, with the comfortable and the familiar. I’m usually thinking how much I miss home 🏑 (the people!!πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬) in the same sentence as I think about how much I love my life here. I met some expat ladies the other day and one said that she didn’t find this expat group until 10 months after she moved here and was excited to meet up every month, just for a day out. I usually go out 3-4 times a week. I couldn’t imagine not doing anything for 10 months. πŸ“… Β And not knowing anyone.. I had people I could call friends, or at least acquaintances in just a couple weeks. I’m realizing maybe I need to give myself some slack. Maybe I’m not doing too bad at this moving away thing. I really have only been out here for 7(ish??) weeks. It’s just not my nature to sit for 10 months without anything to do. My mental health wouldn’t allow it. The first couple weeks nearly did me in. Months?? I’d be screwed. πŸ”©

So I’m working on my ‘Life in Scotland’ routine. Some weeks it seems to be working better than others (weeknight pub adventures!! 🍻). I’m writing this blog πŸ“ (trying to keep up!!), journaling, hired a trainer to teach me to lift weights πŸ‹ (always wanted to learn – beast!! haha), trying to hit up Muay Thai and BJJ (and failing at the area of improvement!!), doing Rebel PTΒ (an outdoor strength/conditioning group), and drinking entirely too much at the pub 🍺🍹🍸🍷 (trying to even out my time with coffee excessive coffee β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ better than excessive beer??). I’m also trying to get out and explore my new home (some hill-walking soon??). β›° Β I’m hoping shortly my life will be as busy and full as it was back in Canada (I can just hear my mom thinking, why??), just with better scenery (not that I’m dissing prairie views, I brag about our sunsets all the time!!). πŸŒ…

I finally made it to Fittie, speaking of beautiful places. So freaking adorable. Tiny cottages, short doorways, πŸšͺΒ old stone buildings..everything you picture an old fishing 🎣 village to be. And there’s few roads, just walkways between the buildings. I can’t help but plan the perfect lives of everyone that lives here (even if the reality is more Desperate Housewives, I’m sticking with my theory). Of course a trip to Fittie (or anywhere, really) wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the pub. 🍻 Fittie Bar. The pub was just as a pub in Fittie should be, cute, cozy and filled with regulars (the barmaid gave me guff for talking too much, hahaha).

Just past Fittie is Torry, home to the Torry Lighthouse and the Torry Battery πŸ”‹ (as in military fort, not energizer bunny). The lighthouse is white and pretty and worth a gander, and the battery has beautiful views and amazing history, the real highlight though, is the harbour beside it all. This is where the dolphins hang out. Yep, you read that right. Dolphins. 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬 FREAKING DOLPHINS!!!! HOW HAVE I BEEN HERE 6 WEEKS AND NOT KNOWN THERE WERE DOLPHINS IN MY BACKYARD!!!! I screamed (and swore, oops πŸ™Š) when I saw them. And there wasn’t just one. There was probably a dozen!! Jumping and playing.. I thought the seals were cool on the Isle of Skye, but this was unreal. And they are a 30+ min walk away!! Mind blown. I live in a place where dolphins live. 🐬

Last weekend I decided to venture down to Edinburgh. Third time was a charm. First of all, I made it there, and back, alive, all by myself. That in itself I think is a pretty fabulous accomplishment. My very first solo train ride πŸš‚ (not counting metros)!! I arrived to nearly 20 degrees and sunny. Β β˜€οΈ Spectacular. Β Makes it hard to miss the Winnipeg spring.. Spent a couple hours wandering, checked out several war cemeteries (old cemeteries are my fav,Β I know, morbid, but they’re just so gorgeous and peaceful), and just enjoyed the sun and the sights. Then I checked out the Scottish Tattoo Convention πŸ’‰ and creeped on all the amazing artists. I ended up at a bar playing swing/jive-y music and danced the night away. πŸ’ƒ Edinburgh has been redeemed. No sickness this time!! Ace (that’s what they say here when something is great)!! πŸƒ

Since I am now an official train expert, πŸš‚ we decided to make use of the knowledge and visit Dave and Phoebe!! One weekend: Edinburgh; the next: England. #expatlife haha. πŸ™‚ That’s another thing about here, I don’t think people take advantage of how close everything is..6 hour ⏰ Β train ride to see our friends, it’s not quick, but it’s not awful (could be Regina..I swear I’m not trying to hate on Regina..but you know..Regina..), and you get to relax on a train and see the sights. Bingham was a great time!! Visiting friends is neverΒ a bad thing, especially when they surprise you with tickets to playoff hockey!!Β  Nottingham Panthers vs the Sheffield Steelers!! We (Panthers!!) killed it 5-2!! They have a goal dance. πŸ’πŸ… Why do the Jets ✈️ not have a goal dance?? We definitely need a goal dance!! Topped off the weekend shopping πŸ› Β in Nottingham and sharing laughs and pub nights 🍻 in Bingham. Starting to plan the next adventure with these two..keep you posted..


Now just have to solider through the 6 hour train ride back home..



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