Brig O’ Balgownie, Seaton, Donmouth and (almost) Fittie

Pub life is life here. 🍻🍻

It’s not just about the pints (I said not JUST about the pints, of course it’s partly about the pints 🍺), but it’s also about community.  Pub life is the culture here. It’s where people meet, it’s where friendships are made. It’s where I’ve made mine (my whole 3 friends..and a couple acquaintances – that’s not terrible, right?!?!)

Pubs are meeting points, gathering spots, a place you can meet new friends and meet up with old ones.  Here (Scotland for sure, all the UK..not sure where else..) they have Locals (what they call the place not the people). Probably one of my favourite concepts ever. You have your local pub: your Local. Of course, I found mine. First night here. I like a routine. Seemed like a good spot, so I made myself at home. 🏠  Met some fun (and funny😂) people on both sides of the bar and am happy to say I’ve made myself a regular. Oops.

Problem with having a Local is that it’s a pub. That primarily sells alcohol. 🍺🍸🍷🍹 And while that’s one of it’s best features, it also can get a little tricky. Most people that know me might say that’s not an issue (I might like a wee pint now and then) but I was feeling like maybe I should try to venture outside the pub walls to greater Aberdeen. You know, expand my hobbies a bit..

Luckily, one of my new friends (Hi Richard!!) knows the city and is a pretty big fan of walking (they call hiking ‘hill-walking’ 🌄 makes sense so I’m not sure why I think it sounds so funny to me, but it totally does..). He offered to take me on a ‘wee walk,’ which was actually an amazing 3-hour trek across the city where I saw some of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen since I’ve moved out here!! 🌍

We started out looking at the beautiful, old (gigantic!!) houses and the St. Machar’s Cathedral ⛪️ and cemetery in Old Aberdeen – stunning.  Then we headed into Seaton Park. 27 hectares of sprawling lawn and wooded bits next to the River Don. 🏞  We left the park and crossed into Brig O’ Balgownie. I have no idea how old these ridiculously(!!) cute cottages are, but I’m assuming stupidly old. Probably the cutest little neighbourhood I’ve ever seen. And the cobblestone bridge at the centre of it all is the freaking cherry on top..that was built in the 13th century. Crazy. And it still stands. Just nuts.




brig house

After Brig O’ Balgownie we wandered over to Donmouth Nature Reserve, at the mouth of the River Don, right at the North Sea. Magical views, loads of runners a.k.a. crazy people. Random sidenote: I’d say I’m quite active, I’ve tried running, but all I can think about every time is ‘when is this possibly going to be over?’ Just really can’t make it my thing..Anyways, we ended up walking on the boardwalk alongside Aberdeen Beach until we almost reached ‘Fittie.’ Pronounced the way 50cent says his name. Yep. Just like the way you just said it, you gangsta, you. ✌🏅💎💰👊 (I feel like those are the most thug emoji’s, yes? maybe? haha).  Fittie is what they call a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Aberdeen.  At one point it was a small fishing village. 🎣  It’s real name is Footdee, but it’s been shortened to Fittie. Cos they love to do things like that here, which can make the language thing even more confusing.. Alas, we were getting cold, and thirsty, so we decided to leave Fittie for another day.



So we went off to the Local for a pint. 🍻 Oops.



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