Week 1

A week here in Aberdeen. 📅  I feel like this post should be filled with exciting tidbits and fanciful tales of what life is life here in Aberdeen. 🦄  Truth is, I have no real idea.

It is a strange thing, moving to a place without a purpose.  No job or schooling to give you a reason to be there. Now don’t get me wrong, Aberdeen is a beautiful place, but I’m not sure if it really falls in line with a place you’d travel to as a destination.  It is mostly filled with a ridiculous amount of grey, granite buildings, old school pubs, oil workers and students.  I have walked around the city centre quite a few times and feel like I’ve gotten a handle on it..I think..

Its weird to wake up without a purpose every morning.  I walk aimlessly.🚶 Grocery shop almost daily – food here is ridiculously expensive and comes in extremely small packages. 💸  I’m really not sure what else to do.  I’ve checked out ‘the sights’ but to tell you the truth, there isn’t many sights.

This sounds so depressing. 👎 haha.

Obviously my life isn’t that bad.  I’m living in a beautiful place with all the time in the world to explore. 🏞  I’m finding my social anxiety is very real. All new places, not knowing anyone or anything around you is more difficult than I ever imagined.  But every day it’s getting better. And I know it will feel more comfortable once I know this place, once I know people..but the stress of getting to that place is pretty intense.

I need a gym. 💪  I need some friends. 👯  And I need to stop exploring so many pubs.. 🍻🍻




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